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The LEGENDS program

How Does the Program Work?

Legends Trading is a program run through our Discord server accessed via mobile or computer application. The program is run by several highly-educated and experienced stock market traders eager to share everything they have learned throughout their careers. Members of Legends Trading have 24/7 access to our skilled traders as well as all of the information found on the Discord server. Complete transparency is utilized through the option to receive real-time alerts when our traders enter or exit a trade.


Every morning before the market opens, our traders send out their highest conviction trade ideas for the day, noting important price levels or contract information. After the market opens, our team of traders will alert members when they choose to enter a trade, and once again when they exit the trade. Members are therefore able to follow live trades made by our team or take the trade ideas into their own hands. In addition, a plethora of educational materials are made available for those who are interested in gaining essential knowledge on the process of trading in the stock market. All members will have direct lines of communication with our highly profitable traders, whether it be a simple question or an advanced inquiry. Educational live lessons are also made available to members along with universal channels for questions and discussion.


What is Our Approach?

At Legends Trading we are dedicated stock market traders who specialize in options trading. We have a passion for options trading due to the incredible profit potential in both a bullish and bearish market. With options trading, you are enabled to either “bet” for or against a stock, which allows you to make money in any market setting. Further, options trading takes a leveraged approach allowing traders to accrue hundreds of percents in profits through small moves, even on bigger stocks such as Tesla or Amazon. Options trading carries a substantial amount of risk but is offset with a drastic profit potential. Thus, it is recommended that you have full knowledge of the risk involved in options trading before making any financial decisions.


The Legends Trading team uses specialized technical analysis to examine each trade idea they have. Our team spends countless hours researching dozens of stocks per day through the lens of technical analysis and consistently remains up to date on new information. At Legends Trading, we believe the technical approach is far more effective than making blind moves on momentum or indulging in only the fundamentals. Technical analysis provides a strict, logical approach to patterns and trends that fosters the implementation of highly profitable trades with proper risk management.


Every trade idea and position developed by our team is thoroughly researched and analyzed before signaled to our members. Our team of traders do not trade based upon “fads”, emotions, or rumor. Rather, we take the analytical approach, ensuring consistent success and profit.

We also are always looking for new Legends to join our team! If you think you have what it takes. Feel free to shoot us an email or check out the apply to be a legends page!

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